Keilor Plains Grasslands

The Keilor Plains Grasslands is situated on the eastern part of the Victorian Western (Basalt) Plains Grasslands, which extends from Kilmore to South Australian border.
The Grasslands ecology has been significantly degraded after the European Settlement. According to DSE Action Statement no 182 (2003), less than 1000Ha (0.1%) consists of high quality, species rich, relatively weed-free grasslands.

Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment published Action Statement No 182 (2003) under Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988, page 32 -35 has a detailed description of Western (basalt) Plains Grasslands.

A good description of the Keilor Plains Grasslands in 1916 can be found in a presentation "A SKETCH OF THE KEILOR PLAINS FLORA." by C.S. Sutton, M.B., B.S. to Field Naturalists' Club of Victoria meeting. The presentation was printed in The Victorian Naturalists magazine (May 1916 to April 1917), Volume 33, page 112 to 123, and page 128 to 143.

Here is the link:
"Action Statement No 182 under Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act 1988".
"A Sketch of the Keilor Plains Flora (1916)".

Chris-presentation-Melton PDF Presentation of "Flora of the Western Plains" On November 16th, 2019, at a “Nature Stewards” course in Melton by our member, Chris Clarke.