Useful Books About Native Plants

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General Books

Bull, M. & Stolfo, G (2014) Flora of Melbourne: A Guide to the Indigenous Plants of the Greater Melbourne Area, 4th Edition.
Costermans, L. (1998) Native Trees and Shrubs of South-Eastern Australia. Reprinted in 2009.
Costermans, L. (2006) Trees of Victoria and adjoining areas, 6th edition.
Elliot, W.R. & Jones, D. L. Encyclopedia of Australian Plants (9 volumes)
Hockings, F.D. (2014) Pests, Diseases and Beneficials - Friends and Foes of Australian Gardens.
Jones, D. & Jones, B. (1999) Native Plants of Melbourne and Adjoining Areas: A Field Guide. Out of Print.
Jones, D. Elliot, W.R. and Jones, S. (2015) Pests, Diseases, Ailments and Allies of Australian Plants.
Wrigley, J. & Fagg, M. (1998) Australian Native Plants. Reprinted in 2013(6th edition).

Landscaping & Garden Plants

APS Keilor Plains Group (2012) Plants of Melbourne's Western Plains: A Gardener's Guide to the Original Flora, 2nd edition.
Chadwick, D. (2000) Australian Native Gardening - Made Easy.
Elliot, G. (1988) The new Australian plants for small gardens and containers.
Elliot, G. (1996) Gwen Elliot's Australian Garden.
Elliot, G. (1998) Australian Plants for the Garden.
Elliot, G., Elliot, R., Clucas, E. & Weston, L. (1996) The Kuranga Handbook of Australian Plants.
Elliot, R (2003) Australian Plants for Mediterranean Climates.
Greig, D. (1996) Flowering Natives for the Home Garden.
Handreck, Kevin (2008) Good Gardens with Less Water.
Horsfall, M. (2014) Australian Garden Rescue - Restoring a Damaged Garden.
Jones, J. & Parry, N. (2009) Small Native Plants for Australian Gardens.
Johnson, P. (2015) Connected: The Sustainable Landscapes of Phillip Johnson.
Molyneux, B. & Forrester, S. (1997) The Austraflora A-Z of Australian Plants.
Molyneux, B. & Forrester, S. (1992) Native Gardens in Miniature: Australian Plants in Containers.
Snape, D. (2003) The Australian Garden.
Stewart, A. (2012) Creating an Australian Garden.
Stewart, A. & Bishop, A.B. (2015) The Australian Native Garden - A practical guide
Thompson, P. (2012) The Australian Planting Design.
Urquhart, P. (1999, 2002) The New Native Garden: Designing with Australian Plants.

Specific Books

Fuhrer, B. (2010) A Field Guide to Australian Fungi.
George, A. (1996) The Banksia Book.
Hitchcock, M. (2010) Correas - Australian Plants for Waterwise Gardens.
Jones, D. & Gray, B. (1977) Australian Climbing Plants.
Nicolle D (2006). Eucalypts of Victoria and Tasmania.
Nicolle, D. (2016) Smaller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia: Their Selection, Cultivation and Management.
Nicolle, D. (2016) Taller Eucalypts for Planting in Australia: Their Selection, Cultivation and Management.
Nixon, P. (1997) The Waratah.
Olde, P. & Marriot, N. (1994) The Grevillea Book.
Romanowski, N. (2011) Australian Grasses - A Gardener's Guide to Native Grasses, Sedges, Rushes and Grasstrees.
Smith, K. & Smith, I. (1999) Grow Your Own Bushfoods.
Watson, D. M. (2011) Mistletoes of Southern Australia.
Williams, N., Marshall, A., and Morgan, J. (2015) Land of Sweeping Plains: Managing And Restoring the Native Grasslands of South-eastern Australia.
Wrigley, J. (2013) Eucalypt Flowers.


Corrick, M. & Fuhrer, B. (2000) Wildflowers of Victoria.
Greig, D. (1999) Field Guide to Australian Wildflowers.
Trigg, C. & Trigg, M. (2000) Wildflowers of the Brisbane Ranges.

Native Birds & Native Plants

(with a heavy emphasis on native plants)

Adams, G. (2011) Bird scaping Australian gardens: a guide to native plants and the garden birds they attract.
Menkhorst, P., Rogers, D., Clarke, R., Davies, J., Marsack, P., Kim Franklin, K. (2017) The Australian Bird Guide.
Wrigley, J. & Fagg, M. (1990) Bird Attracting Plants. (out of print - available in the Keilor Plains Group's library)


Blombery, A. & Maloney, B. (1994) Propagating Australian Plants.
Ralph, M. (2003) Growing Australian Native Plants from Seed - For Revegetation, Tree Planting and Direct Seeding.
Stewart, A. (2012) Let's Propagate - A plant propagation manual for Australia.
Stewart, D. & Stewart, R. (2008) From Seeds to Leaves - A Complete Guide to Growing Australian Shrubs and Trees from Seeds.


Hamilton, J. & Bruce, J. (1998) The Flower Chain: The Early Discovery of Australian Plants.(Here is the link to the electronic edition from University of Sydney.)
Wrigley, J. & Fagg, M. (2012) Eucalypts - A Celebration. (Reprinted Edition)


Muyt, A. (2001) Bush Invaders: of South-East Australia.
Richardson, F.J., Richardson, R.G. & Shepherd, R.C.H..(2016) Weeds of the South-East - An Identification Guide for Australia, 3rd edition.
Wolff, M. A. (2011) The Weed Book - Identifying and Removing Weeds and Introduced Species from Your Garden.

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