Welcome to the Keilor Plains Native Plants Group

We are one of the district groups of Australian Plants Society Victoria (APSVIC), which is a Member Society of Australian Native Plants Society (Australia) (ANPSA).
Our members live in the Western Plains of Melbourne and surrounding area, but we welcome anyone interested in local Australian indigenous flora (and Australian native flora in general) to come to our monthly meeting, or to become a member. For more information about the group, go to About Us page.

If you are interested in joining the group, go to Membership Info page. We can also be found in Facebook and MeetUp.

NatureShare is an information sharing website which collects observations of remnant and self-sustaining flora/fauna in Victoria (but not plants in revegetation areas, garden plants or pets).
We are one of the groups that supported the creation of this website, and our members regularly contribute to its observation database.

In 2012, we published second edition of the book 'Plants of Melbourne's Western Plains - A Gardener's Guide to the Original Flora'

Annual General Meeting

Date: July 1st, 2016 at 8:00 PM

"Newell's Paddock Urban Nature Reserve"
by Yvonne Bischofberger

Venue: East Keilor-Airport West Uniting Church
Address: Cnr. Roberts Rd. and Glenys Av. Airport West
Melway Map 15 Ref H8

Next Meeting: August 5th, 2016

"TBA - Trip "
by TBA

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Yvonne is a member of APS Keilor Plains Group, and a member of APS KP Committee.
She is the secretary and a founding member of Friends of Newell's Paddock, and one of the organizers of Australian Native Plants Nerd in MeetUp.

Australian Native Garden Book

News and Events


July 1:
APS Keilor Plains Annual General Meeting, followed by presentation from Yvonne Bischofberger: "Newell's Paddock Urban Nature Reserve"
June 3:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Topic: "Garden Design with Indigenous Plants" by Louise Pelle
Apr 29:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Topic: "Australian Native Garden - A Practical Guide" by A.B. Bishop
Apr 1:
Australian Native Plants Auction
Mar 4:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Topic: "Growing Australian plants in Containers" by Jason Caruso and Neil Duncan
Feb 5:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Guest Speaker: Dean Ingwersen: "Relationship between Specific Plants and Birds"
Jan 22 - 26:
APS Keilor Plains Alpine trip to Mt Baw Baw.


Dec 4:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Members' Short Talks.
Nov 15:
from 10am: Featherhead Field Day at 295 Parwan Exford Road, Parwan
Debbie Reynolds will speak about featherheads (Ptilotus macrocephalus) and spiny rice flowers (Pimelea spinescens).
Nov 6:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Australian Carnivorous Plants by Peter Bloem.
Oct 2:
APS Keilor Plains Monthly Meeting.
Spring Plant Tables.
Sep 18 - 20:
APS Keilor Plains weekend away.
Destination: Little Desert.
Sep 4:
APS Keilor Plains monthly meeting.
Speaker: Trevor Blake.
Topic: Saltbushes and a few other Dry Land Beauties.
Aug 7:
APS Keilor Plains monthly meeting.
Speaker: Maria Hitchcock from Coolnatives Nursery, Armadale..
Topic: Gardening with Correas
July 3:
APSKP Annual General Meeting.
Followed by Quiz (Quizmaster: John Upsher)
June 6 - 14:
Kuranga Native Nursery's winter plant sale. Location 118 York Road, Mount Evelyn 3796.
June 5:
APS Keilor Plains monthly meeting.
Speaker: Carolyn Blackman from Vivid Design.
Topic: General Approach to Garden Design
May 16:
Day trip to Brisbane Ranges and Vaughan's Australian Plants nursery in Teesdale. Meet at Airport West Uniting Church, Cnr Roberts Rd and Glenys av, Airport West. Leave at 9.30 am
May 8 (second Friday):
APS Keilor Plains monthly meeting.
Speaker: John Delpratt, horticultural scientist and seed technologist.
Topic: Grasslands plants.
May 3:
The APSKP Email Photo Gallery has been upgraded and is operational.
May 2:
APS Keilor Plains will set up a stall to sell native plants at The East Keilor-Airport West Uniting Church Community Fair. (10 am - 3 pm)
Location: Cnr. Roberts Rd. and Glenys Av., Airport West
April 10 (second Friday):
Monthly Meeting and Plants Auction
March 14:
Members' Saturday trip to Serendip Sanctuary and Mt Rothwell Biodiversity Interpretation Centre. Contact Anne for further information.
February 22:
APS Keilor Plains will set up a stall at Moonee Valley Festival (Queens Park, Moonee Ponds, 10am-5pm)
Our Book
Now available from local
indigenous nurseries and bookshops!

Plants from Melbourne's Western Plains (tree/shrub, aquatic plant, grass and wildflower/low shrub)
(Photos from NatureShare.)

Hover over or tap the picture for addtional information.

Eremophila deserti
Turkey Bush or Poison Bush
Eremophila deserti

An open shrub (height 2-3m, width 2-4m) with small, bell-shaped flowers in winter and spring. Prefers well-drained soils in full sun or semi shade. Very drought tolerant. Fruit are poisonous to stock.

Aquatic/Swamp Plants
Lythrum salicaria
Purple Loosestrife
Lythrum salicaria

A very showy, semi-aquatic perennial (height 1m, width 50cm) It has an erect habit and purple flower spikes in profusion in spring and summer. Prefers a sunny position in moist or wet, poorly drained soils. Die back to rootstock in winter.

Enneapogon nigricans
Nine-Awn, Pappus or Blackhead Grass
Enneapogon nigricans

A small tufting perennial grass (height 30cm) with grey-green leaves and blackish terminal flowerheads. Prefers dry, well-drained soils in full sun. A mostly summer-growing species.

Einadia nutans
Nodding Saltbush
Einadia nutans

A perennial groundcover (height prostrate, width spreading) with small silver-green arrow-shaped leaves. Numerous small red or yellow berries in small clusters along stems in late spring and summer. Prefers dry, well-drained soils with sunny or lightly shaded aspect.